Getting from Arenal - La Fortuna to Tortuguero or viceversa

Costa Rica Evergreen offer you different options for connecting Arenal Volcano – La Fortuna with Tortuguero. You can choose according your prefer, private or collective,  you will travel comfortable and directly.

When you take our ride between La Fortuna and Tortuguero is almost like a tour with breathtaking views of lush rainforest and birds and animals along the banks on the boat trip part.

Transportation between Tortuguero and La Fortuna. Book shuttle service.  Private transportation or collective service
How to get from Arenal to Tortuguero, easy, directly and comfortable way.
The fastest, easiest, safest way to travel from Arenal to Tortuguero.  Daily shuttles.
Arenal Evergreen offer you daily shuttle between Tortuguero and Arenal. Private Transportation or collective service

We offer you  the fastest, easiest, safest way to travel between La Fortuna Arenal Volcano area and Tortuguero.

Option # 1

Direct Shuttle Service from Arenal Fortuna to Tortuguero

Travel from La Fortuna to Tortuguero
La Fortuna - Guapiles - Cariari - La Pavona and Tortuguero
  • Direct Collective Service
  • Does not include a waiting period, it takes you directly from your Hotel in Arenal to La Pavona and then to Tortuguero Village.
  • Departure time at 7:00 am or dependig of the location of your hotel.
  • Land Transportation in a new model minibus with air conditioned.
  • Boat trip is included
  • The land transportation from Arenal to La Pavona dock take around 3 hours.

Rate: $ 80 per person

Option # 2

Private Transportation to travel from Arenal to Tortuguero or Tortuguero to Arenal

Private Transportation service to travel for Arenal to Tortuguero
Best option to get Tortuguero if you’re coming from La Fortuna

Option # 3

Travel from Tortuguero to Arenal - Collective  Service

Private Transportation service to travel from Tortuguero to La Fortuna,
Best option to get Arenal area if you’re coming from Tortuguero

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Travel Arenal to Tortuguero
La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano
Transportation service between Arenal and Tortuguero
Visit Tortuguero National Park

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